Google Is Shutting Down Business Profiles Websites

Google has announced the scheduled closure of its basic website offering within Google My Business profiles. Effective March 2024, these “” and “” domains will fade from existence, with a final redirection to your Business Profile ceasing on June 10th. While this may sound ominous, view this as an invitation to evolve and embrace a more robust online brand experience.

Here’s how to navigate this transition with confidence:

  • Inventory your existing Google My Business website: Evaluate your reliance on its features. Do you depend heavily on bookings, information delivery, or customer engagement through this platform? Recognizing your current utilization will inform your migration strategy.
  • Explore the website builder landscape: A plethora of options awaits, from user-friendly platforms like Wix and Squarespace to powerful content management systems like WordPress. Assess your needs and choose a platform that caters to your technical skillset and desired level of customization.
  • Migrate your content seamlessly: No need to leave valuable information behind. Download your Google My Business content and ensure a smooth integration into your new website. Update contact details, images, and calls to action to reflect your new online home.
  • Communicate the transition effectively: Keep your online community informed. Announce the website migration on social media platforms, update your Google My Business profile with the new website link, and consider email outreach to loyal customers to invite them to visit your new website.

Remember, Google’s decision is not a roadblock, but a springboard. By establishing a dedicated website, you gain flexibility, control, and the potential to increase the utility and functionality of your website.

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