SEO Checklist For SEO & Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) For 2024

Technical SEO:

☐ Optimize website speed: Analyze and improve page load times across devices.

☐ Ensure mobile-friendliness: Test and adapt your website for seamless mobile experiences.

☐ Secure with SSL: Implement an SSL certificate for security and trust.

☐ Optimize robot.txt and sitemap: Guide search engines with proper configurations.

☐ Implement structured data: Use schema markup to provide rich information.

☐ Create a logical internal linking structure: Improve navigation and authority distribution.

On-page SEO:

☐ Conduct thorough keyword research: Identify relevant keywords with high potential.

☐ Optimize titles and meta descriptions: Craft compelling and informative snippets.

☐ Utilize headings and subheadings: Structure content with clear hierarchy.

☐ Create high-quality, relevant content: Align with user needs and interests.

☐ Optimize images: Use descriptive filenames, alt text, and proper formats.

Off-page SEO:

☐ Build high-quality backlinks: Earn links from relevant, authoritative websites.

☐ Prioritize local SEO (if applicable): Optimize your Google My Business listing.

☐ Engage on social media: Share content, interact with audiences, and build communities.

☐ Establish brand authority: Cultivate online reputation through thought leadership and partnerships.

SGE-specific optimizations:

☐ Target high-intent keywords: Focus on keywords signaling potential for AI-powered insights.

☐ Structure content for clarity and conciseness: Enhance readability and answer potential questions.

☐ Use factual and authoritative sources: Build trust with AI algorithms through credible evidence.

☐ Emphasize unique insights and perspectives: Offer added value beyond existing content.

☐ Implement structured data markup: Help AI algorithms understand content relationships.

☐ Focus on semantic relevance: Connect related concepts and build topical authority.

☐ Optimize for voice search: Align content with natural language queries.

☐ Monitor SGE performance in Google Search Console: Gather insights for refinement.

Additional considerations:

  • Stay updated on SEO algorithm updates: Adapt strategies accordingly.
  • Prioritize user experience (UX): Create positive and engaging website interactions.
  • Optimize for mobile-first indexing: Consider mobile users first.
  • Explore voice search optimization: Adapt for voice search queries.
  • Understand and leverage AI in SEO: Stay informed about AI’s role and potential.


  • Customize based on your specific website and goals.
  • Track progress and adjust strategies as needed.
  • Stay informed about SGE developments and best practices.
  • Experiment with different approaches and analyze results.
  • Continuously refine your SEO efforts for long-term success in the evolving search landscape.
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